This group of work started back in 1996. Just arrived in Paris for a long stay, I dreamed with my artbook shelves left in São Paulo and decided since I couldn’t buy one, at least it could be fun to paint one. But this choice took me a while, both conceptually and in practical terms. I finally decided that it should be a bookshelf build with passion and with it’s subjects in harmony, so I could at least estabilish or understand the relations between the titles. The first place peaceful enough to deserve many afternoons of paintwork I found was an apartment near Place Dorée, rented by a brazilian theater director who went on vacations at his hometown for two weeks. The collection was very poetic and humanist,light of the end of the summer days made it already a painting, even before I started! This first work involved all the 20 sheets of a block and fiften afternoons panting four hours a day.

Livros e Cores, 1995
São Paulo, SP Aquarela115 x 124 cm

The bookshelves containing the reports of the first visits of the European Navigators to the New World, some 200 five centuries old books collected by the philantrope Jose Mindlin and lately donated to the comunity were so astonishing, in hommage to all brave men I decided to paint it really big. This watercolor took me a month working eight hours a day and I called it Over the seas and Far Away. (Detail on top of the page)

West Kunst, 2006
São Paulo, SP, Aquarela, 87 x 130 cm

After painting this one in black and white, from the bibliotheque of an art critic from Berlin, I started to focus the multiple forms of acumulating intellectual content and the ressearch became much more open and wide. In the same period I was wanting to paint one of the plates of Aby Warbourg’s Atlas Mnemosyne but didn’t have the courage. But it focused me on the possibility of creating my own relationships between the items I collected along the years, gifts from friends, mostly. I have tried to explain spatially in another big watercolor the visual relation between all those icons.

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Deixar Você, 1999
São Paulo, SP, Fotografia 120 x 160 cm 07/12

An invitation for an exhibition in hommage to Giberto Gil’s compositions at Paço Imperial of Rio, with contemporary brazilian artisits dialoging with Gil’s work took me to a new interpretation of my theme, Separating all the elements at home that I had two units I made an installation with two piles, one masculine, one feminine.

Caixas, 2010
São Paulo, SP, Aquarela 200 x 150 cm

Berlin, 2010
Berlin, DE, Fotografia 60 x 40 cm 01/12